First ever European Athletics’ Coaches Club kicks off on 6 August

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European Athletics

The European Athletics’ Coaches Club takes place from 6-12 August

Everyone knows that athletes strive to get better every day during training, but the same is also true for their coaches. With that in mind, European Athletics has launched, for the first time, a Coaches Club for the duration of the European Championships in Berlin from 6-12 August.

The Club, taking place at the Hotel Berlin, will feature daily seminars and lectures on a range of topics, from performance analysis and enhancement to the rise of female coaches and their importance to sport. The sessions will be offered free of charge to any coach, performance director, physio or medical expert in Berlin for the Championships.

Coaches can attend as many sessions at they wish for as long as they want. The seminars will begin at 11:45 a.m. on Monday, 6 August with a welcome speech and introduction from European Athletics President Svein Arne Hansen and Vice President Jean Gracia. 

An outline of the scheduled speakers and presentations follows:

Monday, 6 August: 

11:45 – Welcome and introduction from Svein Arne Hansen and Jean Gracia 

12:30 – Keynote Speaker Frank Dick on “The Winning Difference”

13:45 – “European World Performance Analysis” 

14:30 – Frédéric Depiesse on “Rehabilitation in coming back from injury or illness” 

Tuesday, 7 August: 

14:15 – Marcel Wakim and Libor Varhanik on “Dynamic New Athletics (DNA)” 

15:00 – Fireside chat with Vadim Nigmatov and Marcel Wakim on “DNA & The Coach” 

16:15 – Vicky Huyton on “The Strength of Female Coaches; Low in Numbers, High in Success Rate” 

17:00 – Fireside chat with Vicky Huyton and Frank Dick on “Female Coaching Network” 

Wednesday, 8 August:

13:15 – Martin Bingisser on “Finding function: Exercise selection to strengthen movement” 

14:00 – Fireside chat with Martin Bingisser and Frank Dick on “Adaptability in High Performance Conditioning” 

15:15 – Panel Discussion on “Improving our performance trends” 

16:00 – Winning Coach Interviews 

Thursday, 9 August: 

14:45 – Marco Cardinale on “High Performance Science”

15:30 – Fireside chat with Marco Cardinale and Frank Dick on “Art Through Science” 

16:45 – Charles Van Commenee on “Coaching High Performers” 

17:30 – Fireside chat with Charles Van Commenee and Frank Dick on “Coaching High Performers” 

Friday, 10 August: 

14:45 – IAAF’s Gunter Lange on “Professionalisation of High Performance Coaches”

15:30 – Kieron Stout on “Protecting vulnerable people in athletics” 

16:45 – Fireside chat with Paula Dunn and Frank Dick on “High Performance Coaching in the Paralympic Arena” 

17:30 – Winning Coach Interviews

Saturday, 11 August: 

14:45 – Fireside chat with Harald Muller (IAAF) and Marko Vasic (EA) on “Preparing coaches to win the game of change” 

15:30 – Ralph Mouchbahani on “Technology and the Coach” 

16:45 – Piotr Haczek on “EA High Performance Conference Outcomes” 

17:30 – Gunter Lange (IAAF) on “Talented Athlete Performance Strategy”

Sunday, 12 August:

14:45 – Vin Walsh on “Learning Faster”

15:30 – Fireside chat with Vin Walsh and Frank Dick on “Breaking the Conventional Mould”

16:45 – Keynote Speaker Frank Dick on “Winning the Game of Change”

17:30 – European Athletics Vice President Jean Gracia on “Coaches Club Review & Future”

For further details on the speakers and presentations, click here.

Information on the involvement of European Athletics in the development of coaching expertise, including the Coaching Summit Series, can be found here on the Coaches page of the ATHLETICS COMMUNITY section of the European Athletics website.