Stepanova free to compete at Amsterdam 2016 European Athletics Championships

Statement from European Athletics
European Athletics

European Athletics will accept the participation of Yuliya Stepanova as an independent neutral athlete in the upcoming Amsterdam 2016 European Athletics Championships.

This follows the IAAF Doping Review Board unanimously accepting the application of Stepanova, seeking exceptional eligibility, to compete in International Competition as a neutral athlete under Competition Rule 22.1A.

European Athletics received notification Friday morning from the IAAF of Stepanova’s eligibility for the 6-10 July championships.

The decision to accept Stepanova’s participation is in accordance with the competition rules of the European Athletics Championships. This follows the European Athletics Council’s agreement of special processes in relation to the Vienna decision of the IAAF Council of 17 June in order to comply with its rules that offers some exceptions for athletes to participate as neutral athletes.

Along with IAAF, European Athletics recognises Stepanova’s exceptional contribution to the protection and promotion of clean athletes, fair play and the integrity and authenticity of the sport.

If Stepanova takes her place in Amsterdam, she will compete under the European Athletics flag and is scheduled to compete in the first round of the women’s 800m on Wednesday 6 July from 18:25 CET at the Olympic Stadium.