Medals already await their owners

Medals from Prague 2015 waiting to be claimed
European Athletics

Prague 2015 has unveiled the medals to be awarded at the European Athletics Indoor Championships held from 6-8 March.

Less than two weeks until the start of the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Prague and the medals have been produced for those who obtain the right to stand on the podium.

The idea used to create the championships logo has also been applied in designing the medals. "We again used the historical symbol of Prague, the Prague Castle, and along with it we also used the idea of the motto: Heart of Europe, heart of athletics. The heartbeat, which is associated with the adrenaline before the events, plays the main role in the graphic presentation,"says Ronald Štefka from Medea.

I believe when the best athletes of the European Athletics Indoor Championships get the precious metal and look at them, they will immediately know that it comes from Prague 2015.  Libor Varhaník, president of the EICH Organising Committee

Tomáš Janků, former outstanding high jumper who, as the executive director of the championships deals with all organisational issues related to the championships, recalls his silver medal from the 2006 European Athletics Championships:

From an organisational perspective, things are very different from within. As an athlete, I took almost everything that was going on during a major championship, as a matter of course. Now I only see what is behind the scenes of such an event, which is topped by the medal ceremonies celebrating the best athletes.Tomáš Janků, Chief Executive Officer

Head of the Ambassadors´ Project for the Prague championships, Helena Fibingerová won eight shot put gold medals from the European Athletics Indoor Championships.

For me personally, the organisation of the 2015 European Athletics Indoor Championships is one of my fulfilled dreams. In 1978, when the European Athletics Championships took place in Prague's Strahov stadium, my role was to compete and fight for the team. Now, I am glad to be a part of the team which has brought a great athletics event to the Czech Republic again after 37 years. To hold the gold medal, which will be given to the best athletes in Prague, is an emotional feeling for me. It is proof that we are close to making our big dream come true; to organise this top athletics event in Prague which I believe will be a great success.Helena Fibingerová, Ambassadors programme supervisor
Libor Varhaník, Helena Fibingerová and Tomáš Janků holding the precious medals
European Athletics
Libor Varhaník, Helena Fibingerová and Tomáš Janků holding the precious medals