Recycling placed at the centre of sustainability efforts in Gävle

Recycling bins

The Gästrike Återvinnare recycling centre is testing out a new recycling kit for waste sorting during the Gävle 2019 European Athletics U23 Championships this summer with its sights firmly set on creating a new record within recycling. 

Different coloured bins with clear signs at eye level written in both Swedish and English will make it easy to know what waste goes where. The recycling kit will also be offered to other events that want to focus on sustainability. The first to test the concept will be the European U23 Championships in Gavle which begin on Thursday (11).

“Most of the waste at the event will be recyclable. We believe in having only a few bins for general waste at a small number of select locations, including one which is manned. In order to motivate visitors to sort their waste properly, there will be numerous recycling bins at several locations around the arena,” said Eva Johansson, Environmental Educator at Gästrike Återvinnare. 

“We will be on-site to coach, inspire and explain the benefits of recycling and the difference it can make. At the end of the day, it’s the visitors themselves that have to do the work,” she added.

In consultation with event management, a preliminary study has been carried out to identify what kinds of waste will be produced and where. Preparations have also been made to ensure a flexible response to any changes on-site.

“We have given ourselves every chance to succeed and believe that our visitors, volunteers, officials and athletes are all ready and willing to help us set a new record in recycling. After all, the work we do for the environment is something that benefits us all,” concluded Johansson. 

Facts: Recycling kit for a sustainable event.

The recycling kit has been developed in consultation with waste coordinators, environmental educators and communicators at Gästrike Återvinnare and Gävle Municipality which has also been awarded a diploma for its environmental preparations ahead of the European U23 Championships in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Base.

You can read more about Gävle Municipality’s sustainability efforts in connection with this event here.