Final entries confirmed for European Athletics Team Championships

Final entries confirmed for European Athletics Team Championships
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Germany were crowned European team champions last year in Braunschweig but Russia will be eager to take back the trophy in front of the home crowd in Cheboksary.

The final entries for the European Athletics Team Championships Super League to be held in Cheboksary, First League in Heraklion, and Second League in Stara Zagora are now available under 'Related Documents'. The entries for the Third League in Baku as part of the inaugural edition of the European Games will be made available on Wednesday 17 June.

There is no doubt that the European Athletics Team Championships continue to be the premier team athletics event in the world. It has proven to be an extremely exciting proposition for spectators, TV viewers, media and athletes alike.

Most of the medallists from the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Prague and Outdoor Championships in Zurich will represent their countries by competing throughout the continent this weekend.

European Athletics ensured this would be the case in adapting our sport by revamping traditional track and field regulations, having men and women compete as one team, introducing promotion and relegation battles, and introducing a European “league table” that ranks teams from Nos. 1 to 50.

This means that the sheer unpredictability of a team performance, the generation of national pride as countries compete against their rivals and the “make or break” drama means everyone is on the edge of their seats and makes for compelling viewing.

We look forward to another wonderful weekend of athletics with plenty of strong performances.