Education Programme 2014 Archive

2014 Activities

Health and Well-Being Conference
Marseille, France, 24 to 26 January

New CEOs Workshop
Copenhagen, Denmark, 28 to 29 March

CEO Conference
Copenhagen, Denmark, 29 to 31 March

One-Day Meetings Seminar
Barcelona, Spain, 4 to 6 April

Women in World Athletics Seminar
Solihull, Great Britain, 4 to 7 April

European Athletics-UNESCO Young Leaders Forum
Zurich, Switzerland, 11 to 14 August

Member Federation Leaders Forum
Baku, Azerbaijan, 11 October

Event Presentation Seminar
Venue tbd, 25-26 October

IAAF CECS Level I Lectures Seminar
Venue and date tbd

IAAF CECS Level II Lectures Seminar
Cologne, Germany, date tbd Coaches Management System Seminar
RDC Moscow, date tbd

EU Projects Seminar
Venue and date tbd

IAAF TOECS Level II Course (in Russian)
RDC Moscow, date tbd