Women’s Leadership Moderator Seminar trains future educators and mentors

Women's Leadership Moderator Seminar
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The Women's Leadership Moderator Seminar took place in Belgrade, Serbia from 1-6 December

The Women’s Leadership Moderator Seminar concluded in Belgrade, Serbia on Friday (6) and the rigorous six day programme proved to be a hugely successful and educational event for the high-level group of participants.

The main objective of the event was to train women so they can ably deliver similar seminars in their home nations.

It attracted 25 women from 23 Member Federations including European Athletics commission members Jenny Meadows from Great Britain and Hungary’s Barbara Petrahn, European Athletics Council Member Anna Kirnova from Slovakia and European Athletics Executive Board member Karin Grute Movin from Sweden. 

Grute Movin was effusive in her praise of the content of the programme and how it plays an important role in encouraging women to continue to further progress their careers, strengthening ties between women’s leaders across Member Federations as well as in the context of European Athletics’ commitment to gender equality. 

“I have had the privilege to spend a couple of days with this group of women and have been so inspired. The two facilitators, Janie and Julia, have been outstanding, teaching the group to take great steps forward in moderating seminars,” said Grute Movin..

“I am impressed by the strength and power the participants have and I am sure that seminars like this encourage women to continue contributing their views, being important voices in developing the sport. 

“This will as well bring value in connecting federations to exchanging experiences and knowledge, and strengthening the work of equality,” she added.

All of the participants had taken part in either the World in Women Athletics programme or the previous edition of this seminar while some of the participants have also been involved in Young Leaders activities.