Member Federation Support Programme

Member Federation Development Commission
European Athletics

European Athletics Member Federation Development Commission members and European Athletics staff at the Commission's September 2017 meeting.

According to the European Athletics Constitution, one of the purpose of European Athletics is to serve our Member Federations and all our activities must be measured against this test.

We are fortunate that the commercial success of our competition programme has made it possible to in turn provide our Member Federations with various forms of support, which has been constantly developed and enhanced over more than a quarter of a century.

The Member Federation Support Programme represents the latest incarnation of how we provide that support. It reflects the knowledge we have gained and the lessons we have learned in a period covering more than two decades.

One of European Athletics’ priorities is to make sure the support we offer is customised to the specific needs of the federations themselves.

Each federation is unique and faces its own specific set of circumstances and challenges. A one-size-fits-all programme is now outmoded and no longer the most effective way to support federations as they work towards our collective strategic aim of developing athletics and making it ‘Your Sport for Life’ for every European.

The Member Federation Support Programme is designed with the intent that every federation can benefit and clearly see how it benefits from what is on offer. The regulations emphasise a project-oriented approach, flexibility, and the sharing of ideas as well as accountability.