165 clubs to mark the beginning of Czech athletics season on 1 June

Pavel Maslak confirmed for Czech Indoor Gala
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Pavel Maslak will make his outdoor season's debut in Kladno on 1 June

The Czech athletics season will officially commence on 1 June and a total of 165 clubs across the country will be participating in the ‘Back on the Track’ initiative, far exceeding the Czech Athletic Federation’s initial expectations.

Competitions for all age-groups will be held across the Czech Republic to mark the commencement of the summer campaign including top level events in Kladno, Pilsen and Kolin which will feature some of the country’s leading athletes including Barbora Spotakova, Tomas Stanek and Pavel Maslak.

“I am very glad the athletics clubs have taken our challenge and thanks to our common effort we have been able to significantly exceed our originally planned 100 athletics meetings. I am excited that the Czech athletic family will be together at the start in such large numbers and we will open the competitive season,” said Libor Varhanik, President of the Czech Athletic Federation.

Some of the highlighted clashes in Kladno include Spotakova against Nikola Ogrodnikova in the javelin, Tomas Stanek against Ladislav Prasil in the shot put, Maslak against his relay teammates Jan Tesar, Patrik Sorm, Michal Desensky and Matej Krsek in the 300m while Simona Vrzalova, Kristiina Maki and Diana Mezulianikova headline a strong domestic line-up in the 1000m.

Michaela Hruba and Jan Kudlicka compete in the high jump and pole vault respectively in Plzen along with Jakub and Michal Forejt in the discus while Filip Snejdr goes head-to-head with youngster Jakub Davidik in the 800m in Kolin. There will also be comprehensive coverage of these events on Czech television as well as streaming for international viewers.

Varhanik said: “We are preparing live coverage with Czech Television, broadcasting live on 1 June from 5-7 pm CEST. Fans of athletics will be able to follow not only action from the Sletiste stadium in Kladno with stars such as Spotakova, Stanek or Maslak but also from Pilsen and Kolin, where other Czech athletic stars will compete.

“Thanks to a negotiated exception in geo-blocking, foreign TV-viewers will also be able to see the Back on the Track project on Czech Television's live stream. I am glad that we will be able to share this unique experience in difficult times with the world athletics family and show a possible way to start the season, at least at domestic conditions.”

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