Innovation Award previous winners


Overall winner
" Ung Leder - To create the Volunteers of Tomorrow" by Charlotte Svensen (NOR)

Coaching Category
" New Insights Into Sprint Biomechanics and Determinants of Elite 100m Performance" by Jean-Benoit Morin (FRA), Pierre Samozino (FRA), Pascal Edouard (FRA)

Technology Category
" Automatic Race Start Detecting Signal for Hearing Impaired Athletes" by Valentín Rocandio (ESP), Antonio Cid (ESP)

Sustainability Category
" Introducing, Developing, and Implementing of Sustainability Projects in Athletic Club Velenje" by Luka Steiner (SLO)

Promotion Category
" Improving Competition Organisation Using Web Application" by Michele Fortunato (ITA)

Open Category
" Running with Poles: An Efficient Training Method Eliminating Overstraining of Athlete's Feet" by Aleš Tvrzník (CZE), Milan Kůtek (CZE)


Overall Winner and Open Category Winner

The social role of an athlete

Coaching Category Winner
A three-year follow-up study of endurance performance and nocturnal HRV of an international level race walker

Technology Category Winner
Trackside technology and data fusion for developing athletics coaching and performance

Sustainability Category Winner
Continuing on the road to sustainability

Open Category Winner 
Safety Officer - Presented by European Veterans Athletic Association's Academy


Overall Winner and Open Category Winner

Hamstring muscle strain in sprinters

Coaching Category Winner
Biomechanical Aspects of Training Means Selection in Track and Field Jumps

Promotion Category Winner
The SPAR Athletics SPARK


1st place

The Coaches Eye

2nd place
The interaction of goal orientation and perceived competence in predicting sustained

participation in competitive sport

3nd place
Performance development of the finalists of the athletics youth world championships 1999

3nd place
Shoulder muscle activity during pushing elevation and overhead throwing


1st place

Individual Approach To Women’s Training In Speed And Power Track And Field Events

2nd place
Rapid Technique Correction Using Old Way/New Way: Two Case Studies With Olympic Athletes

3rd place
Comparison Of The Maximal Anaerobic Tests On Treadmill And Track

3rd place
Individual Approach In Improving The Technique Of Triple Jump For Women


1st place

The Endurance Reserves

2nd place
Technological Conception Of Integrated Training Of Sprinters

3rd place
Scientific And Methodological Bases Of Preparation Of Female Athletes In Strength-Velocity Events Of Track And Field


1st place

Computer Simulation As A Base Of Controlling Technique Training In Track And Field

2nd place
The Development Of Maximal Running Speed By Means Of Supra-Maximal Speed

3rd place
Theoretical And Methodological Bases Of Motive System Adaptation To Cyclic Locomotions In Female Athletes