Paris 2020 European Athletics Championships launches their drive for volunteers

Jazmin Sawyers
Getty Images

British long jumper Jazmin Sawyers poses with volunteers at the 2017 European Athletics Team Championships Super League in Lille Metropole

With less than 500 days to go, the organisers of the Paris 2020 European Athletics Championships which takes place at the Charlety Stadium from 26-30 August have launched their drive for volunteers.

A team of 1400 volunteers will be required to play an active role both before and during the championships across 15 areas ranging from welcome services to spectators, services to the teams as well as accreditation, transportation and competition.

“Becoming a volunteer is a unique opportunity to actively participate at the European Athletics Championships. Beyond their contribution which is essential to the success of the event, these men and women will experience an unforgettable human adventure, rich with encounters and shared emotions,” said President of the Local Organising Committee Jean Gracia.

“This programme is also important in order to create momentum on the way to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. We wish to encourage as many people as possible to become volunteers and support French sport in the years to come.”

The applications will be selected this autumn and the recruitment phase should end in the spring of 2020.

If you wish to apply as a volunteer, please click here