President Hansen publishes 'Delivering Change' report

Statement of European Athletics President Svein Arne Hansen
Getty Images

President Svein Arne Hansen today releases his 'Delivering Change' report – a review of European Athletics' work in 2016 to deliver his Leading Change agenda and make athletics 'Your Sport for Life'.

In the introduction to the report President Hansen writes, "In the 20 months since I was elected to lead European Athletics our sport has navigated through a very challenging period. Our agenda for securing European Athletics’ financial future, modernising its operations and making athletics ‘Your Sport for Life’ throughout Europe was somewhat overtaken by events largely out of our control, and the focus of our efforts has been dictated by priorities different from those we might have imagined in April 2015.

"It must be said, however, that for me as president it has actually been quite a rewarding time.  The way my Council colleagues, our professional staff and our many supporters in the Member Federations have looked forward and worked together to create the sport of the 21st century has been both gratifying and exciting, and I remain motivated to move ahead on all our projects.

"Beyond our own organisation, the tough decisions taken by the IAAF and the role Europe has played in the governance reform process are a source of great pride. We as a global sport have shown the willingness to face up to the adversity and take the necessary steps towards rebuilding the trust that is essential for our long-term success.

"As I promised to do at the start of every year of my presidency, I am offering this review of European Athletics’ activities in the last 12 months with a focus on the considerable progress we have already made towards delivering the five-part agenda of priorities outlined in my election manifesto ‘Leading Change’.

The full report can be viewed here.