Winning entries announced for 2018 European Athletics Innovation Awards

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Geoff Wightman and Gavin Lightwood representing the #clickyourclock project, were named winners of the 10th European Athletics Innovation Award in Funchal, Portugal in 2014.

European Athletics can announce the four best in category project award winners and the overall winner of the eleventh edition of the biennial European Athletics Innovation Awards.

The European Athletics Innovation Awards were first staged in 1998 to encourage research and the sharing of new ideas to further promote and develop all aspects of athletics.

European Athletics was very pleased with the high level of interest in the Innovation Awards from across the continent. A panel of seven international experts scrutinised the entries which were judged based on their quality and relevance to athletics.

The overall winner was a research paper entitled: “An Innovative European Sports Tutorship Model of the Dual Career of Student-Athletes.” Five universities across Europe took part in this Erasmus+ project.

The paper presented a number of conclusions and recommendations from their research and called for a European model of sustainability for student-athletes across all sports.

The winning entries by categories were as follows:

- Coaching: Fiber Type Composition And Rate Of Force Development In Endurance And Resistance Trained Individual

- Open: An Innovative European Sports Tutorship Model of the Dual Career of Student-Athletes

- Promotion: How "Run Greece" running event series promotes Athletics in Greece

- Technology: TESS - The Electronic Start System

The following entries all received honourable mentions:

- Coaching: New insight of the shifting force requirements in sprint acceleration using a novel analysis of entire force waveforms

- Coaching: Effects Of Different Loading Conditions On Power Production Of National Level Throwers When Using A Plyometric Pendulum Swing Training Device

- Promotion: Schools Athletics

- Technology: False start detection using a hand plate sensor: Design and proof of concept

- Open: Survey of neuromuscular deficits of sprinters and their functional suspension training

- Open: Roster Athletics

The overall winner will receive a prize of 10,000 Swiss francs (CHF) which will be presented to the recipients at the Golden Tracks award ceremony in Lausanne on 26 October.

The best in category award winners will receive 2000 CHF each.