Bubka & Coe lead praise of European Athletics Championships

Bubka & Coe lead praise of European Athletics Championships
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Sergey Bubka and Sebastian Coe have praised the 12-17 August Zurich 2014 European Athletics Championships

IAAF Vice Presidents Sergey Bubka and Sebastian Coe lead the praise of the recently concluded Zurich 2014 European Athletics Championships. 

IAAF Vice President Sergey Bubka

"The major event of European athletics was held in the heart of Europe, in a city which has great tradition of organising and watching athletics events since the first Weltklasse edition dated back to 12 August 1928. In 2014 there was written a new and fabulous chapter in history of the city, its stadium and athletics. I would like to send my gratitude to the organisers and volunteers who made everything possible to arrange this celebration of sport. I would also like to thank the fans – the atmosphere they created, their tolerance and competence helped the athletes either to celebrate their success or overcome the failures. And finally, my congratulations to the coaches and competitors who represented their nations and won medals.

"As I said before, it was one of the most unpredictable and competitive championships I’ve ever seen – due to both unpredictable weather conditions and the high class of the competitors. Among many outstanding results I would like to point some really phenomenal performances – the world record of Yohann Diniz in 50km race walking, as well as a world-leading discus throw by Sandra Percovic. The performance of Dafne Schippers is also very memorable – her sprinting talents were not a revelation for the athletics’ fans but what she has shown at the Letzigrund was exceptional.

"One of the most emotional memories is Mo Farah posing with his wonderful daughters after his winning finish. Developing the future generations topic, I would also mention a lot of positive stories of young athletes under 20 years who took part in the European Athletics Championships. There were plenty of them at the field and track gaining experience and reaching their personal records.

"For sure my heart was with Team Ukraine which won 8 medals at Zurich 2014. For my country which goes through the toughest period in its recent history the athletes’ victories have exceptional meaning bringing belief and pride to the people in Ukraine. I really admire gold-medal winners Bohdan Bondarenko and Olha Saladukha as well as all the medallists and every competitor who performed well in Zurich.

"At last, but not least, congratulations to Ivet Lalova, Isabelle Pedersen, Hanna-Maari Latvala, Christian Olsson, Nicola Vizzoni and Periklis Iakovakis on becoming athletes' representatives for European Athletics. To have put yourself forward and been selected for this role you are demonstrating that you have the motivation and energy to make athletes' voices heard, to offer input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect their lives.

So thanks to Zurich for the amazing European Athletics Championships."

IAAF Vice President Sebastian Coe

"Zurich is a spiritual home, a place where I set two world records at the Letzigrund, so to witness a European Athletics Championships there was a special moment for me. Of course, it was fantastic to see the successes of the British athletes. For the Brits to finish top of the medal table is testament to the commitment of a great bunch of athletes and the excellent work done behind the scenes at British Athletics.

"I enjoyed immensely my time in Zurich, a city I have visited many times over the years. I spent many hours walking around the city, revisiting a few of the old haunts, and spending time meeting and chatting with some of the volunteers who worked hard on putting on the championships.

"I would like to congratulate the local organising committee for putting on an excellent event, and also Hansjorg Wirz on the occasion of his final European Athletics Championships as President of European Athletics. It was apt that such a great championships, that will linger long in the memory, was held in his own backyard."

Swiss Athletics President Hansruedi Müller

"The European Athletics Championships Zürich 2014 were a huge success - for Swiss athletics, for the city and the region of Zürich, and for the promoters. Our national federation, Swiss Athletics, has been able to take a giant step forward thanks to the positive impact of this major event: the number of our members has increased, competitions have become more attractive, athletics has drawn more media attention, skills of referees and officials have been adapted, and most importantly, the basic elements of our sport – running, jumping, throwing – have experienced a revival and are now even more popular. 115,000 children participated in UBS Kids Cup events in 2014; more than twice as many compared to last year.

"All this has been achieved thanks to a very competent LOC, knowledgeable decisions by Swiss Athletics, a new approach with respect to promoting talents for the future, a strong commitment by sponsors and public authorities, and thanks to a close cooperation between all members of the athletics community, who all followed the motto: “together – zusammen – ensemble – insieme.”

"I firmly believe that the impetus provided by these championships will be sustainable. We have set the course for the future, and many Swiss Starters 2014 are now on their way to the top. And what is more, all parties involved are determined to work together for the success of athletics in Switzerland."

British Athletics Chairman Ed Warner

"The 2014 European Athletics Championships were the most successful ever for the Great Britain & Northern Ireland. While rightly proud of our athletes achievements, we realise they would not have been possible without the knowledgeable crowds, fast track and slick organisation of Zurich 2014. We'd like to thank the LOC and Swiss fans for creating such a memorable occasion."

Fédération Française d'Athlétisme President Bernard Amsalem

"These passed European Athletics Championships have been as successful for the local organizing committee as they were for Team France. First, with this incredible mascot, Cooly, who galvanised the audience through its uncommon athletic performances. Technically, competition has been flawless. And the athletes’ results on the superb Letzigrund track demonstrate the excellent European level.

"Many profound emotions filled Team France, especially with the 4x400m women’s relay and 1500m Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad victories. But each and every single medal brought its delight. And this new French record (23 medals with 8 gold) will bring Zurich 2014 to the forefront of our memories for a long time.

"So I would like to warmly thank the Zurich 2014 local organising committee and would like to wish lots of fortitude to the Amsterdam 2016 organisers."

Royal Dutch Athletics Federation President Theo Hoex

"It was a splendid sport week with high performances! It was also wonderful that the Netherlands performed so well. We've enjoyed the support of all other countries for our Dutch - "Orange" - athletes. Inspiring! Many thanks to the LOC for the hosting and the possibility of learning from them. It was a wonderful start for our European Athletics Championships in Amsterdam in 2016!