Get your seat at the European Running Business Conference

Mainova Frankfurt Marathon
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Participants in the European Running Business Conference will attend the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon on 29 October 2017 to conclude the programme.

With less than six weeks to go, you can still book your place at the European Running Business Conference which takes place in Frankfurt, Germany on 27-28 October. Follow this link to get registered and download the European Running Business Conference app. 

The European Running Business Conference is a must-attend event for any stakeholder in the running industry. The two-day event will connect the industry’s foremost experts from across the globe, acting as a platform to make new contacts and share ideas to further develop the mass participation running market. 

The conference is aimed at everyone from organisers of Beer Miles and Colour Runs to race directors of half marathons and marathons. Innovators and start-up companies are also invited to pitch their ideas are also invited to pitch their ideas to a specialist audience. 

The line-up of speakers includes London Marathon CEO Nick Bitel; Tokyo Marathon race director Ted Hayano; former CEO of Competitor Group Tracy Sundlun; Run Czech Organising Committee President Carlo Capalbo; as well as European Athletics president Svein Arne Hansen and IAAF CEO Olivier Gers. More names will be added to the roster closer to the event. 

The two-day conference will conclude on 29 October with the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon, one of Europe’s most prestigious and long-running marathons. 

For additional information, please e-mail us at or call us on +41 79 5371139. 

See you in Frankfurt!