Mondo-Green Inspiration
European Athletics

Italian company Mondo is the Green Inspiration partner of European Athletics.

European Athletics Green Inspiration brand was created in 2013 to associate initiatives that athletics' major event organisers implement to engage the public in locally-focused projects that promote both sustainability and the event. Project examples include protecting the environment, teaching good lifestyle habits, helping others get fit, physical education and promoting awareness about sustainability issues.

“We are aware of Mondo’s commitment to sustainability and that it designs products that are safe for athletes and the environment. We all have a responsibility to respect the environment and contribute to society," says European Athletics President Svein Arne Hansen. “We aspire to organise sport events with a commitment to sustainability and a valued partner like Mondo will help us in our ambitions.”

MONDO Sport Division Manager Maurizio Stroppiana says, “We are proud of having designed and developed track surfaces that not only support athletes’ performances, but can actively contribute to the air quality of the athletic facilities, creating a better space both for training and competing.”

Making Athletics Green

All of us have a responsibility to respect the environment and contribute to society, in other words to act in a responsible way. Apart from doing the right thing, sports and sport events with a commitment to sustainability stand to benefit from enhanced public image, increased resources from image–conscious sponsors and public authorities, and reduced costs through improved efficiency.

At the European Athletics Head Office, we have demonstrated our commitment through an internal sustainability charter, entitled “Our Green Lifestyle”, for resource conservation, reducing environmental waste and setting a good example for others  We are also helping all levels of the sport to promote sustainability and integrate good practice through our 8 step quick guide and our extensive online sustainable event management guide.