Mondo makes Magaluf a reference point for relays

The Mondo track at the Pista de Atletismo de Magaluf

The recently renovated Mondo track at the Pista de Atletismo de Magaluf

It has yet to stage a major international athletics meeting but it could only be a matter of time before the Mondo surface at the Pista de Atletismo de Magaluf – which translates as the Magaluf athletics track – on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca stages its first European Athletics competition.

The eight-lane track that existed before has been renovated and relaid in recent months with 6600m2 of Mondo Sportflex SX 720 K39, with lanes alternating between shades of light and dark blue. In addition, another 244m2 has been laid adjacent to the track for warming up and training.

However, what has made the new track create waves around Spain and the rest of Europe is that the relay zones areas are in grey, with the takeover zones conforming to the new IAAF regulations for the changeovers and acceleration zones.

The new colour scheme has been designed to help athletes during competition and spectators during races.

The work was started on 21 January and finished at the end of March before the track was officially opened on 13 April. Little more than later the Spanish federation held a training camp for prospective members of its U20 and U23 relay teams who will be in action at their respective European Athletics age-group championships in the Swedish cities of Boras and Gavle in July.

Spanish 4x100m relay teams practice on the Pista de Atletismo de Magaluf
Spanish 4x100m relay teams practice on the Pista de Atletismo de Magaluf

In addition, once news spread of the new facility with its innovative track, training groups from eight European countries – Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg and Sweden – involving more than 600 athletes booked time on the track and it will also be used by 10 local sports teams including the local athletics and triathlon clubs.

The Mondo Sportflex SX 720 K39 surface is pre-fabricated to ensure a uniform thickness and the ideal combination of energy return, comfort, safety and durability.

The top layer of the Pista de Atletismo de Magaluf is composed of the classic and world-famous directional texture of Mondo rubber, which provides excellent grip.

The bottom layer has Air Cell Technology, which incorporates an array of air-filled cavities that compress as the athlete’s foot impacts the surface, absorbing impact force and vibrations, and converting the maximum amount of kinetic energy into stored energy.

As the athlete’s foot leaves the surface, the compressed air causes the cells to spring back to their original shape, acting like bowstrings and projecting the athlete up and forward.