TV audience of 21 million watches European Athletics Team Championships

european athletics team championships gateshead
European Athletics

The Gateshead 2013 European Athletics Team Championships proved a success with excellent performances, a packed stadium and an audience of 21 million television viewers throughout Europe.

A total television audience of 21 million watched the Gateshead 2013 European Athletics Team Championships in June.

This cumulative figure (excluding news audiences) is an improvement on the audiences for the Leiria 2009 and Bergen 2010 editions, 16.5 million and 11.5 million, respectively, and a decrease from the Stockholm 2011 edition (34 million).

With International Broadcasters in 13 European countries showing the event, there was a big increase in the number of hours of coverage for Gateshead 2013.

Extensive coverage in Italy and Spain boosted this figure to 173 hours, compared to 91 hours for Stockholm 2011.

There was also coverage in Great Britain, France, Germany, Cyprus, Finland, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, and, for the first time, Ukraine.

Pan-European channel Eurosport also broadcast 7 hours of coverage.

European Athletics President Hansjörg Wirz said, "We are very happy with these broadcast figures for Gateshead 2013. It was an excellent event that garnered a strong television audience as well as a sell-out crowd at the stadium.

“We are looking forward to strong television coverage for next year’s European Athletics Team Championships in Braunschweig, Germany.”

The Tampere 2013 European Athletics U23 Championships in July saw an increase in television viewing figures, with a cumulative audience of 5.4 million a small increase on the previous edition in Ostrava in 2011 (5.3 million) and a large increase on the Kaunas 2009 (1.7 million and Debrecen 2007 (1.7 million) editions.